Peering / Direct Access

Direct Access (Private & Public)

Zsys-Networks offers Direct Access Internet(DAI). DAI allows business customers that do not have the ability to connect to a enterprise network or access to a direct backbone internet link that contains low latency and lower amount of hops at affordable prices. DAI can be used in a Private or Public configurations.

Private configurations do not come with or are offered with public ip addresses. These configurations typically are used for customers that require certain enterprise level services at an affordable price**. These services are provided to customers that have limitations either by location or are unable/don’t want to build, house & maintain IT Staff & Data Services. These tend to become costly overtime and some businesses don’t really have a full need to have a full IT Department, but could benefit and increase productivity by utilizing Virtual Offices, eCommerce, Cataloging, Inventory Systems, Managed Backups, Managed Network Services, as well as other business solutions.

Options include, but not limited to businesses with multiple locations and need a private VPN(Virtual Private Network) that can house business servers which are maintained for them. This is useful for businesses in locations that do not have reliable internet connections to operate and house servers onsite. This option also cuts operating expenses for IT Depts or in some cases cuts the need of having a IT Dept.

Customers are able to connect to Zsys-Networks using multiple ways. ISDN, T1, T3, Direct Wifi, & VPN. All VPN networks are configured for each customers business and monitored for abuse.


Zsys-Networks allows Peering for Private & Public Network Uses. We offer multiple options in the ability to Peer with our networks, either for using it for internet access orĀ  utilizing our services directly through a private and direct connection.