Domains & Networks

Network Domains

Zsys-Networks uses and retains multiple domain names for core network operations, as well as business operations. While using these in naming network devices within our network infrastructure. We also maintain other sets of domain names to handle network wide tasks which includes the routing of internet traffic between service locations, eCommerce, Public internet access, and other network services that are provided to our customers.

While we have several domain names dedicated to naming network hosts & devices, is more commonly seen from multiple parts and routes on the internet.

Networks (Transit & Backbone)

All network links (Direct Connect, Cross Connect & Internet) utilize IPv6 & IPv4 communications either utilizing our public IP’s or private IP’s depending on required configuration and services provided to the customers of Zsys-Networks.

We typically utilize Tier 1 Internet Backbone Providers as our primary internet links as well as a limited amount of Tier 2 Providers to add redundancy, decrease latency, and decrease the amount of network device hops to our customers.